How the iPhone15 Pro Max telephoto camera circumvented Samsung’s patent revealed MICRODIA’s camera protection lens


According to iPhone mania on September 19, there were concerns that the high-power telephoto camera in the iPhone 15 Pro Max would likely infringe on Samsung’s patent for a prism-based lens mechanism for high-power telephoto cameras. The Elec, a Korean media outlet, reported that it has become clear how they got around it.

The three lines of this article show the main points of this article.
1. the high-magnification telephoto camera in the iPhone15 Pro Max was feared to be in violation of Samsung’s patents.
Samsung’s optical image stabilization is done by moving the lens, while Apple’s is done by moving the image sensor. 3.
3. there is still a concern that Samsung will sue Apple in the future.

The use of a tetra prism instead of a periscope lens is not the main reason
It was believed that there was a concern that Samsung’s attempt to mount a high-magnification telephoto camera on the iPhone would infringe on Samsung’s patent for a lens mechanism using a prism (periscope lens).

Therefore, it has been pointed out that Apple may utilize suppliers who hold the rights to use Samsung’s patents.

Apple was believed to have avoided the patent by incorporating a 5x zoom camera using a tetra prism in the iPhone15 Pro Max and changing the structure to the periscope lens used by Samsung, but according to The Elec, this was not the main factor.

Avoiding patent infringement by changing the structure of the optical image stabilization mechanism
The Elec explains how the iPhone15 Pro Max’s high-power telephoto camera avoids Samsung’s patent by using a different optical image stabilization mechanism.

In Samsung’s patent for a telephoto camera using a periscope lens, optical image stabilization is achieved by driving the lens with a voice coil motor (VCM).

In contrast, in the iPhone15 Pro Max’s tetra prism-based 5x zoom camera, optical image stabilization is performed by driving the image sensor with a VCM.

This difference in method seems to have allowed Apple to avoid violating Samsung’s patents, but there is still a possibility of Samsung suing the company for violating its own patents in the future, according to The Elec.

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