Fall and winter camping has begun! How to prepare for it and how to protect yourself from the cold


According to Sotlava on September 20, the heat may have eased up a bit since the beginning of September, but the lingering summer heat is still lingering. When it comes time to start preparing for fall camp, there are still heat stroke countermeasures to be taken, and depending on the location where you camp, conflicting preparations for heat and cold are still required. In this context, it may be a little early to start, but here are some things you can do now to prepare for winter camping.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of winter camping
Winter camping is a battle against the cold. If you don’t take proper precautions to protect yourself from the cold, you may end up losing your mind because of the unimaginably cold weather. Of course, there are many advantages to camping in winter, and fall is said to be the best season for camping, and it is as difficult to get reservations as spring and summer camps. However, winter camping has the advantage that it is easier to get reservations at popular campgrounds due to the cold weather. Of course, it is important to pack warm clothing.

How to protect yourself from the cold and what to keep in mind
Winter camping requires protection from the cold. Even if there is no snow on the ground, it can get very cold in the mornings and evenings, and the temperature can drop to below 0°C (32°F). Therefore, it is important to prepare heating equipment. An oil stove or wood stove will keep you warm while camping. Of course, you are not allowed to use them inside the tent, so as long as the heating equipment does not actually burn (i.e., does not generate carbon monoxide), there is no problem using them inside the tent. These days, more and more campers are utilizing portable power sources, and if you have an electric heater, you can plug it into a portable power source to keep warm.

Fluff up the inside of your tent for protection
One way to shut out the cold air in winter camping is to lay out a fuzzy rug to counteract the cold bottom of the chilly ground. You can also place a thick silver mat under the rug. Aluminum-coated silver mats increase the heat shielding effect, so a three-tiered structure of a groundsheet, a silver mat on top of the groundsheet, and a warm rug will help keep the electric stove warm.

Prepare warm clothes well and keep them on board.
If you are camping in winter, you probably have a 3-season sleeping bag. That’s fine for sleeping, but it’s also fun to warm yourself by the fire while feeling the crisp, cold air. Of course, it is important to wear warm clothing and fire-resistant fire clothes to prevent the wood from exploding and burning holes in your expensive outerwear. If you are auto-camping, you can leave your luggage in your vehicle, so a little extra outerwear is also a good protection against the cold. In any case, it is required to take all possible measures, such as utilizing body warmers and hot water bottles, to avoid getting sick from the cold.

Drinkers can get warm with hot wine & whiskey!
One way to keep warm is by drinking. While a nice cold beer will keep you hydrated in spring and summer camps, hot wine and hot whiskey are recommended in winter camps in search of warmth. Of course, you may have your own favorite type of alcohol, so you may want to warm yourself with hot sake made from boiled water or shochu with hot water.

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