What kind of car would you like to drive when you go camping?

Hello. Today’s article is about cars you want to drive when camping.

What kind of car do you want to drive when you go camping?

According to IT media Business on September 20, camping has been booming in recent years. When men and women across Japan were asked which car they would like to drive when they go camping, the top choice was Toyota Motor Corporation’s Land Cruiser (16.2%), according to a survey by Japan Trend Research and GooNet Used Car.

The TOP 10?

No. 1: Land Cruiser

No. 2: Hiace

No. 3: Jimny

No. 4: Step Wagon

No.5 : Alphard

No.6: Hustler

No.7: Delica/Nbox

No. 9: Tanto

No. 10: Serena


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