Deff & MICRODIA “iPhone 15” series compatible accessories 


According to Keitai Watch on September 13, Deff announced that it will release a series of accessories compatible with the iPhone 15 series. The lineup includes a screen protector, camera lens cover, and Amirad fiber case.

The “High Grade Glass Screen Protector” is a 0.33mm thick screen protector that strikes a balance between quality and price. The “Super Tough Glass Screen Protector” uses 0.4mm-thick Dragontrail, a chemically strengthened glass made by AGC, with a secondary effect treatment applied to the edges. The 0.55mm “Super Tough Glass Screen Protector,” which uses “Dragontrail X,” does not use any thin film treatment and is said to be resistant to cracking.  Both are available in three types: glossy transparent, UV and blue light cut, and glossy anti-reflective. Only the “High Grade Glass Screen Protector” is available in four types, including matte.

Multi-function screen protector “Multi-function screen protector” uses a special AGAR film developed exclusively by Diff. It features anti-reflective treatment and finger gliding.

The “Clear Camera Lens Cover” is a lens cover composed of acrylic and glass that protects the top of the lens from all directions. The “Hybrid Camera Lens Cover,” which uses both an aluminum cover and chemically strengthened glass, does not obstruct the flash or sensor area and does not impair the camera’s performance.  In addition, the “Premium Specification” is available with ceramic coating and AR coating on the glass part of each camera lens cover.

Aramid fiber case “Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO” is mainly made of “Kevlar” manufactured by DuPont, which is a light and strong amylad fiber. The Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO Special Edition protects not only the body of the iPhone, but also the camera part.

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Hybrid protective case made of DuPont Kevlar, a para-aramid fiber, and TPU for increased flexibility


Made of DuPont Kevlar, a para-aramid fiber that is stronger than steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. Minimalist design matches any outfit. The smooth, smooth feel and 3D weave texture of Pro Max ensure the best hand-touch feel.

DURABLE & Pro Max LighHweighted ARMOR is extremely lightweight in contrast to its unrivaled durability and reliability. Its shape and protection will be maintained for many years.

Combining drop-proof TPU material and carbon fiber, ARMOR combines strength and flexibility. It will not scratch during installation or removal.


MICRODIA Corning® Glass Screen Protector Retina Grade Extra
Tough Screen Protector with Speaker Protector




MICRODIA HD Individual Lens Protector
Sapphire-infused tempered glass for premium scratch-resistant performance


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