DEF launches “DURO” aramid fiber case for iPhone 15 and “Armer” made of MICRODIA’s DuPont Kelvar aramid fiber.


According to ITmedia Mobile on September 20, Deff started selling the “Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO for iPhone 15” series of aramid fiber cases for the iPhone 15 series on September 15. (including tax).

This product uses aramid fiber, which is five times stronger than steel of the same mass and half as light as glass fiber. The thickness is approximately 0.65mm, and the USB Type-C port has a larger opening size for versatility. The action buttons on the Pro model are also cut for ease of operation.  The surface has been treated multiple times with an anti-smudge treatment to prevent stains from sticking to the surface, and cleaning materials including alcohol can be used. The weave is reminiscent of carbon fiber and does not affect 4G/5G, data communication, calling, wireless charging, Apple Pay, and mobile Suica.

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MICRODIA is a 32-year-old U.S. mobile accessory manufacturer that is very popular in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Apple’s MFi-certified manufacturer with sales of $2.8 billion in fiscal year 2022 in 135 countries!

Stylish Portal Power Bank with SmartAI charging technology makes its first appearance in Japan!



13 Protective Cases for iPhone15
1. Crystal – Fully transparent case (For iPhone15)
2. Crystal Gear – Fully Transparent Case with Bumper (For iPhone15)
3. Crystal Plus – Transparent Case with Kickstand (For iPhone15)
4. Cavalleto – Pro Max Slim Case with Kickstand on Lens (For iPhone15)
5. Stellar – Transparent case with glitter crystals (For iPhone15)
6. Fruite – IMC Digital Print Case (For iPhone15)
7. Galaxy – Mirror case with liquid and glitter crystals (For iPhone15)
8. Porter – TPU/PC Case with Card Slot (For iPhone15)
9. Noir – Pro Max Slim Genuine Leather Case (For iPhone15)
10.Artisan – Genuine Leather Case with Single Card Slot (For iPhone15)
11. Nomad – Leather case with dual card slots (For iPhone15)
12. Vogue – Protective Case with Built-in Wallet (For iPhone15)
13. Armer – DuPont Kevlar Pro Max slim case with para-aramid fiber (For iPhone15)



1, MICRODIA Crystal
High transparency protective case



2, MICRODIA Crystal Gear
High Transparency Pro Max Slim Protective Case with Secure Grip and Bumper



3、MICRODIA Crystal Plus
High clarity Pro Max slim protective case with kickstand



4、MICRODIA Cavalletto
Shockproof Protective Case with Kickstand



5, MICRODIA Stellar
Transparent protective case with sparkling crystals



6, MICRODIA Fruite
Two-layer Pro Max Slim Digital Print Protective Case



7, MICRODIA Galaxy
Mirror protective case



8, MICRODIA Porter
Impact-resistant TPU soft protective case with card slot



Slim profile protective case made of 100% genuine leather



10, MICRODIA Artisan
PU leather case with elastic card slot



11, MICRODIA Nomad
100% genuine leather case with dual card slots



12, MICRODIA Vogue
Protective case with zipper closure wallet



Hybrid protective case made of Dupont Kevlar and TPU for increased flexibility


Made of DuPont Kevlar, which is stronger than steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. Minimalist design matches any outfit. Pro Max’s smooth, smooth feel and 3D woven texture ensure the best hand-touch feel.

DURABLE & Pro Max LighHweighted ARMOR is extremely lightweight in contrast to its unrivaled durability and reliability. Its shape and protection will be maintained for many years.

Combining drop-proof TPU material and DuPont Kevlar, a para-aramid fiber, ARMOR combines strength and flexibility. It will not scratch during installation or removal.


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