BYD, the world’s No. 1 EV seller, launches the BYD DOLPHIN compact EV, priced from 3.63 million yen including tax

Hello. Today’s article is about BYD, an electric vehicle company and MAXXTA, a portable power supply company.
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New Compact EV Designed to Evoke the Silhouette of a Dolphin
According to the September 20 Car News, BYD Auto Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of BYD, the world’s No.1 electric vehicle (EV) seller, launched a new compact EV, BYD DOLPHIN, on September 20, 2023. The price ranges from 3,630,000 yen to 4,070,000 yen (including tax).

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Smaller, quieter, lighter
MAXPowerX.PLUS takes up less space and makes less noise.
It is lighter than other comparable storage batteries and easier to charge.


Small, portable, space-saving
MAXPowerX.PLUS 1000M is 62% smaller than similar brands on the market. It is extremely easy to carry, fits comfortably in the cabin of a car, and provides even more storage space. 18 pounds of MAXPowerX.PLUS 1000M is the most portable MAXPowerX.PLUS to date.

PSST… less than 30 dB
While most storage batteries have fans and other noise-causing components that can produce noise in excess of 60 dB, the fanless design of the MAXPowerX.PLUS allows you to enjoy portable power without the noise.


Easy charging in the car
Its small size allows it to be placed in an armrest box or passenger seat, ideal for camping.


Works with Devices
Despite its small size, MAXPowerX.PLUS has plenty of connections for your favorite devices.
With pure sine wave AC output and a multi-protocol USB port, you can easily power your household appliances and charge your on-hand essentials at the same time.

Portable and Sustainable Energy
With MAXXTA’s 100W or 200W solar panel, you can use it on your next camping trip.
You can enjoy your outdoor adventures while taking advantage of sustainable energy. Whether you’re charging your laptop or brewing your morning coffee, you can keep working with the solar package featuring MAXPowerX.PLUS.

Capacity 1,016Wh/607Wh
Because MAXPowerX.PLUS has no internal fan, there is more internal space for a larger battery.
This is why other products with the same capacity tend to be larger and heavier. MAXPowerX.PLUS is smaller and lighter without sacrificing capacity.


Where Style and Durability Meet
Every good adventurer knows how to protect themselves. MAXPowerX.PLUS features a metal enclosure and a vent-free design to protect the outside. Inside, eight different protection and safety technologies work together to ensure maximum performance and long product life.


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