Defeating Tesla: Toyota reveals the “mechanism” for mass production of all-solid-state batteries


According to the Sankei Shimbun on September 19th, Toyota Motor Corporation will hold a briefing session on production technology by the 19th, and will discuss the development line for “all-solid-state batteries,” which will be the core technology for next-generation electric vehicles (EVs), and the “Gigacast” technology. The company unveiled to the press for the first time a prototype of large-scale casting equipment using the new method. Armed with highly efficient mass production technology that combines new technology with Toyota’s manufacturing know-how such as “Karakuri” and “Takumi”, the company will compete with EV specialist Tesla and China’s BYD.

Transport pallets loaded with materials for different batteries flow at high speed on the upper and lower rails, and when the relative speed reaches a synchronized point of zero, the “claws” on the upper pallet that hold the materials in place move at a speed that cannot be followed by the eye. The pallet comes off, and at the perfect time the nail on the pallet below receives it and the materials overlap. The all-solid-state battery development site is located in a corner of Toyota’s Teiho Plant (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture). A mass production method using magical, mechanical claws that operated without power was being tested. All-solid-state batteries, which are being developed with the aim of being put into practical use in 2020 or 2020 with the aim of being installed in next-generation EVs, have dramatically improved performance compared to conventional electrolyte-based in-vehicle batteries. This cutting-edge technology, which can extend the cruising range of EVs to more than 1,000 km, poses a major manufacturing challenge in ensuring that the positive electrode material, negative electrode material, and solid electrolyte layer that make up the battery are tightly adhered to each other without any gaps. Mass production involves the challenge of layering battery materials at high speed and with high precision without damaging the materials, but Toyota is solving this problem by applying traditional Japanese contraptions to automobile manufacturing. The simple mechanism, which does not require extra power or wiring, also leads to stable production.

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