Concerns about another attack on power infrastructure; some people are buying storage batteries for the winter


According to Kyodo News on September 18, there are growing concerns that the electricity infrastructure in Ukraine will become a target of attacks again as winter approaches, as the country is being invaded by Russian forces. Last winter, a concentrated attack by the Russian military caused large-scale power outages across the country. Fearing a recurrence, an increasing number of citizens are purchasing storage batteries and generators in advance. “Sales have been picking up since around July. Many people are buying them in preparation for the winter.” Sergiy Shirin, a sales representative in Ukraine for Ecoflow, which sells portable power supplies in various countries, said this. Sales began in Ukraine in 2021. Last year, sales increased significantly after the fall, when the Russian military began intensive attacks on power infrastructure. Approximately half of the annual sales volume was sold between October and December last year. In some cases, the items were out of stock and people had to wait up to a month to purchase them. Customers were visiting the store in Kiew earlier this month. Margarita (56) said, “Last winter’s power outage was terrible. I was told that there would be another attack this year, so I decided to consider purchasing one.”

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