Samsung to Launch New Smartphone on the 20th, Enhanced Camera, Offensive in Japan


The new “Galaxy S23” series smartphone from Samsung Electronics Co.

According to Kyodo News, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics announced on April 6 that it will release its new “Galaxy S23” smartphone series through NTT DoCoMo and other major telecommunications companies on April 20. The new model features enhanced camera performance, such as the ability to take clear photos and videos even at night. Prices will start in the 130,000 yen range.  The product uses recycled glass and plastic bottles for parts, appealing to consumers who are highly conscious of the environment. To promote the corporate image, the Samsung logo was placed on the main body. With the thawing of relations between Japan and South Korea as a tailwind, the company will push forward in the Japanese market, where the U.S. Apple iPhone enjoys a high market share.



MICRODIA provides total accessory solutions for Samsung mobile phones!





Accessory Products for Samsung Mobile
Total Accessory Solutions for Samsung Mobile
(including the new Flip5 and Fold5)

– Galaxy S23 Series
– Galaxy Z Flip4 / Flip5
– Galaxy Z Fold4 / Fold5


The following four types of products are introduced in each of the following areas
Wall Charger
Wireless Charger
Wireless car charger
Wireless car charger ・ Wireless car charger ・ Wireless alarm clock




What is PPS charging?
PPS stands for Programmable Power Supply and was introduced by USB-IF in 2017 to meet the demand for fast charging due to the increased power consumption of today’s mobile devices. It is the most advanced charging technology for USB-C enabled devices.

How does PPS work?
With PPS, the power supply can exchange power and data every 10 seconds, allowing smart adjustment of voltage and current according to the charging device.

What are the advantages of PPS?
PPS allows for faster charging of devices due to reduced conversion losses. At the same time, PPS charging is better at managing heat. At the same time, PPS charging is better at managing heat: less heat is generated in the battery and the battery lasts longer.

What is a programmable power supply (PPS)?
USB-IF was founded by information technology companies to develop and test various technologies. This organization has added programmable power supplies to the PD 3.0 standard. The PPS technology, which has been used for many years in the electronics field, keeps voltage and current at ideal levels. Thus, incremental changes can be made to reach the current and voltage levels of smartphones and tablets. This technology reduces the problem of battery heating due to charging and guarantees a long service life.


What are the requirements for using PPS technology?
First, to use PPS technology, a cable and charging adapter that meet PD 3.0 standards are required. Of course, the charging adapter and cable must also support PPS technology. In addition, the mobile device must be compatible with PD 3.0 and PPS technology.


MICRODIA’s PPS charger?
Today, we are pleased to announce that all MICRODIA wall chargers feature PPS charging technology to provide optimal charging performance.


How many watts of charger is required for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Mobile?
The Samsung Galaxy S23 series has some hardware specifications upgraded from the S22 model, but other specifications remain unchanged. The Galaxy S23 has a 25W fast charging capability. The same is largely true for the Plus and Ultra variants, both of which maintain ultra-fast charging at 45 W. In compliance with EU regulations and for environmental protection purposes, Samsung’s 2023 flagship phone will not ship with an adapter. If you need a charger for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or Galaxy S23 Ultra, a 25W or 45W charger can be purchased separately.


What about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 / Flip4 or Fold5 / Fold4?
Both the Galaxy Z Flip5 / Flip4 and Fold5 / Fold4 support 25W wired charging, an upgrade from the previous model’s 15W.



1, First of all, the product about power = Wall Chargers
⭐️ Wall Chargers
Wireless Charger
Wireless car charger
1, Products about power = Wall Chargers Wall Charger, Wireless Charger, Wireless Car Charger, Wireless Alarm Clock, Wireless Charger

1) SMARTCubeTM NANO 30 GaN charger (with PPS charging)




2) SMARTCubeTM NANO 35 GaN Charger (with PPS charging) 3) SMARTCubeTM NANO 35 GaN Charger (with PPS charging)




3) SMARTCubeTM NANO 40 GaN Battery Charger (with PPS Charging)




SMARTCubeTM NANO 65 GaN charger (with PPS charging)




5) SMARTCubeTM NANO 100 GaN charger (with PPS charging)




SMARTCubeTM NANO 200 GaN Charger (with PPS charging)

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