Otter” to New York Asahi Shuzo’s Brewery Completed

 Today’s article is about Otter Sake.


According to TV Yamaguchi on September 15, Asahi Sake Brewery of Iwakuni City, known for its sake “Otters”, reported to Governor Muraoka before the completion and opening of a sake brewery in New York State, USA. Kazuhiro Sakurai, president of Asahi Sake Brewery, visited Gov. The Otters BLUE New York Brewery, Asahi Shuzo’s first overseas production facility, was completed in New York. The total project cost was 8 billion yen and was originally scheduled for completion in 2020, but the construction period was extended due to the new Corona, and was completed in March of this year. The brand name is Junmai Daiginjo “DASSAIBLUE”.

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