Macau Customs seized 95 cases of smuggling in the past week…foodstuffs, cigarettes, liquor, medicine, cosmetics, etc.


A case of smuggling luxury liquor by wrapping it around the body. This person was wearing a skirt, but a body scanner inspection led to the discovery of the person (Photo: 澳門海關)

According to the Macau Newspaper of September 13, Macau Customs (Macau Customs) announced on September 13 that from September 5 to 11, a total of 95 cases of smuggling were uncovered during customs inspections at several immigration facilities that serve as gateways between Macau and the outside world (Guanjie, Qingmao, and Inner Harbor).  The smuggled goods discovered included approximately 61 kilograms of foodstuffs, 19,460 cigarettes and 1,544 grams of tobacco, 20,849 e-cigarette sticks, 13 liters of liquor, 359 medicines and 1,464 grains, 424 cosmetic products, and 268 used electronic products.

A case of smuggling a used smartphone by wrapping it around the body. The movement was unnatural, so the suspect was stopped and a detailed inspection was conducted, which led to the discovery (Photo: 澳門海關)

In both cases, the suspects attempted to smuggle in undeclared goods, were subject to investigation at the customs inspection station, and failed to present the documents required for import/export. In several cases, the suspects were found to have been using smuggled goods, such as luxury alcohol and used smartphones wrapped in plastic wrap, and cosmetic products hidden in umbrellas, when they were stopped and inspected due to their unnatural behavior while passing through the customs checkpoint.  The 95 people involved in the 95 smuggling cases were all residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan (aged 18-78), and the customs office has already charged them all with violating the Foreign Trade Law, which carries a maximum fine of 100,000 patacas (about 1.8 million yen).

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