Docomo Sales Ranking: Inexpensive “iPhone 13” Takes First Place


Galaxy Z Flip5 SC-54D

According to ITmedia Mobile on September 16, based on the “best-selling” ranking published by docomo Online Shop, the “iPhone 13 (128GB model)” reclaimed the No. 1 position for the period from September 4 to September 10.

Top 10 docomo handset sales ranking September 4-September 10 Rank Previous Rank Model Lump-sum price (including tax)

No. 1: iPhone 13 (128GB) 138,380 yen

No. 2: Xperia 10 IV SO-52C 42,152 yen

No. 3: Galaxy Z Flip5 SC-54D 168,820 yen

No. 4: Google Pixel 7a75,350 yen

No. 5: home 5G HR027,280 yen

No. 6: iPhone 13 mini (128GB) 94,710 yen

No. 7: Xperia 5 IV SO-54C 104,280 yen

No. 8: iPhone 14 (128GB) 138,930 yen

No. 9: Unranked Galaxy A54 5G SC-53D 69,850 yen

No. 10: Unranked Xperia 10 V SO-52D79,860 yen

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Introducing MICRODIA’s protective film for iPhone 15, followed by USB-TypeC cable.



USB-C Cable for Sync & Charge & Pro Max High Speed USB-C Cable for Charge & Sync
1, MICRODIACOMBI [5-year manufacturer’s warranty].
2、MICRODIASHOELACE【Manufacturer’s 5-year warranty】.
3、MICRODIA STEEL 【Manufacturer’s 10-year warranty】.
4、MICRODIATOUGH【Manufacturer’s 50-year warranty】.
5、MICRODIADIGI【Manufacturer’s 5-year warranty】.
6、USB4.0 100W USB-C to USB-C cable with certified E-Marker chip [5-year manufacturer’s warranty].
7、USB4.0 240W USB-C to USB-C cable with certified E-Marker chip [5-year manufacturer’s warranty].



MFi Certified USB-C Charging & Sync Cable, protected by colorful silicone cable jacket



MFi Certified Flat USB-C Charge & Sync Cable, protected by durable, hard-wearing braided fabric



MFi Certified USB-C charging and sync cable, protected by stainless steel cable jacket




Round MFi Certified USB-C charge & sync cable, protected by durable PET material with triple-braided braid




Round USB-C charge & sync cable with charge power indicator. Protected by extremely strong and durable abrasion resistant PET braided material



High power USB-C cable for sync & sync (100W & 240W)


What is the E-Marker chip?
The USB-C charging cable connector has a chip called an E-Marker (Electronic Marked Cable), similar to the charging cable’s security ID card. This is actually a protocol controller feature that monitors the charging status and helps to properly allocate the current.

Most USB-C charging cables on the market today have specifications of 3A and 5A. According to USB-IF Association regulations, if the current output of the power adapter exceeds 3A (100W) or 5A (240W), an E-Marker chip must be incorporated to ensure that charging occurs under a safety protection mechanism. The following table distinguishes these E-Marker cables according to various parameters



USB4.0 PD100W USB-C to USB-C cable
(with certified E-Marker chip)




USB4.0 PD240W USB-C to USB-C cable
(with certified E-Marker chip)


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