Suntory “Whiskey Royal” Zodiac Sign Bottle 2024 “Tatsunoshi” on Sale; “The Premium Malts” Zodiac Design Cans Also Available

Suntory Whisky Royal “Tatsunoshi” Bottle

According to the September 14 Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbun, Suntory will release “Suntory Whisky Royal ‘Tatsunoshi’ Bottle” on November 7.

On November 28, canned beer “The Premium Malts〈Zodiac Sign Design Can (辰歳)” and “The Premium Malts 〈Japanese Ale〉 Aromatic Ale〈Zodiac Sign Design Can (辰歳)」” will be released. The specially designed bottles and cans feature the Chinese zodiac sign for 2024, the Year of the Dragon. The product will be available as a gift and as a decorative item for the dinner table. All products will be available in limited quantities nationwide.

The “Suntory Whisky Royal <Tatsunoshi> Bottle” is based on the motif of a dragon, a sacred animal that presides over water and has been revered as an object of worship for praying for rain. The 600 ml bottle is priced at 10,000 yen (tax excluded). The bottle contains 43% alcohol by volume.

The Premium Malts is specially designed with a dragon and other auspicious motifs such as pine, bamboo, plum, and Mt. The six-can packs and cases are also available in vibrant packaging that will brighten the start of the new year.

The Premium Malts <Zodiac Sign Design Can (Tatsunoshi)> is 350 ml and contains 5.5% alcohol by volume. The Premium Malts <Japanese Ale> Aromatic Ale <Zodiac Sign Design Can (Tatsunoshi) > is 350ml and contains 6% alcohol by volume.



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