CAMPFIRE expands into the web3 business and establishes a new company, Livefor

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CAMPFIRE launches new web3 business, establishes new company Livefor


According to Atashiirable Keizai on September 14, CAMPFIRE, one of the largest crowdfunding services in Japan, announced on September 14 that it has established a new company to expand into the web3 business.

The name of the new company is Livefor Inc. The company was established to create a new crowdfunding and community service utilizing web3 technology.

Livefor will develop a community platform that utilizes AI and blockchain technology, as well as take on the challenge of launching new services such as NFT and DAO using web3 technology. The new company was established on June 8 of this year and is capitalized at 50 million yen. The company will have two representative directors, Koyo Shirakawa and Kenichiro Fujisaki. Mr. Shirakawa was the lead engineer for the token-issuing crowdfunding service FiNANCiE when it launched in 2019. Mr. Fujisaki has been the COO of CAMPFIRE since 2022, after serving as the executive director of Mercari/Souzou.


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