Which series has sold the most since iPhone 5s? Which wireless charger can be used without MagSafe?

iPhone Ranking
Historical iPhone Sales Index

According to BCN on September 12, BCN Ranking, which compiles actual sales data from electronics retailers and online stores, calculated the sales volume index of successive generations of iPhones for the first 30 days after their release. The iPhone was originally sold only by SoftBank.  The iPhone was originally sold exclusively by SoftBank. However, au started selling the iPhone from iPhone 4s, and docomo from iPhone 5s/5c. We calculated the index for each series, taking the number of units sold during the first 30 days after the launch of iPhone 5s as 100.0. The iPhone 6 was the best-selling series at 140.9, followed by the iPhone 6s at 110.3, the iPhone 5s as the benchmark, and the iPhone 7 at 98.3. The iPhone 6, released in 2014, was the best-selling iPhone, and it was said at the time that its larger 4.7-inch screen had been well accepted and had led to an instant increase in sales. The trend toward larger screens had not progressed very well since then.



Ultra-thin 15W wireless charging pad with alarm clock function by MICRODIA that can be used with older iPhones without MagSafe


Ultra-thin 15W wireless charging pad with alarm clock function



Wireless Charging
Simply place a Qi-enabled device on NOAH’s wireless charging pad and the wireless charging area will provide up to 15W of power with foreign object detection.

Minimalist Design
NOAH is only 12 mm thick and has a clean and precise appearance.

Safe and Stable Charging
The entire surface of the wireless charging area is covered with silicone, which keeps the device firmly in place during charging.

Dual alarm function
Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn the alarm on/off; double-tap the M button to toggle 12/24-hour display. A light tap anywhere on the light alarm clock will “snooze” the alarm for 5 minutes.





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