Increase in domestic scallop distribution: “China embargo” opens up new sales channels in Japan.

Good morning. This morning we have an article on scallops.

According to the September 11 Tele Asahi News, China has banned the import of Japanese scallops. There is a growing movement to consume them domestically.  A staff member manually removes scallops one by one, a quick process that takes an average of 4 seconds per scallop. A seafood processing company receives about 50 tons of scallops landed at multiple ports facing the Sea of Okhotsk every day.  The company expects to be burdened with an annual cost of about 1 billion yen due to the suspension of imports of Japanese marine products implemented by China.  Maruuro Sanwa Suisan Director and General Manager Norinaga Hasegawa: “About 20% of our production for China has been halted since the embargo was imposed on August 24.  Mr. Norinaga Hasegawa, Director and General Manager of Maru Scale Sanwa Suisan: “We used to export frozen scallops in shells at the request of the Chinese side, but now that we are selling them domestically, we have to shell them and make them into scallops.


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