Hokkaido HACCP Certified Scallops Quick Frozen in Tunnel Freezer

Hello. Today we would like to introduce frozen scallops from Hokkaido.


Hokkaido Frozen Natural Scallops

HACCP is a hygiene control method devised by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration to ensure the safety of space food. Frozen scallops for fresh eating produced in HACCP-certified factories in the U.S. and EU standards are flash-frozen, so they have an excellent freshness.

Scallops produced under quality control in HACCP-certified plants are separated into various sizes. They can be used for sashimi, sushi, baked in foil, gratin, baked in butter, fried, and nabe.

Storage Method
Refrigeration is required (stored at -18°C or below).


Various sizes
Extra small (6S): 81-100 balls

Small (5S): 61-80 balls

Small (4S): 51-60 balls

Medium (3S): 41-50 balls

Medium-large (2S): 36-40 balls

Large-medium (S): 31-35 balls

Large (M): 26-30 balls

Extra large (L): 21-25 balls

Super extra large (2L): 16-20 balls


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