Outdoor Expo to be held in Niigata City with a wide variety of camping equipment and gear until the 10th

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BSN Niigata Broadcasting
Niigata Broadcasting Co.

According to BSN Niigata Broadcasting Corporation on September 9, an event to showcase Niigata’s attractiveness to the whole country, where outdoor brands gather, started on Bandaijima Island in Chuo-ku, Niigata City, and was crowded with families and other visitors. This year’s “OUTDOOR EXPO” was held for the second time. Centered in Tsubame-Sanjo, more than 100 brands and manufacturers from all over Japan opened their stores, offering a wide range of products, including carefully selected gear with craftsmanship and discount outlet products. Visitors were looking for the items they were looking for while listening to the explanations of the staff. In the outdoor area, tents and SUVs are on display, and outdoor foods that are useful in times of disaster are also introduced. This event will be open on the 10th.


■Batteries needed for camping

Mobile Battery

Portable Battery




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