MyNa Portal batch retrieval of tax returns, withholding tax slips, iDeCo, etc.

Good morning. Article on MyNa Portal

The National Tax Agency will launch a service that allows users to collectively obtain data such as withholding tax certificates for employment income, national pension fund contributions, iDeCo, and small-scale enterprise mutual aid contributions from tax returns for the 2023 tax year through the MyNa Portal linkage of the “Tax Return Preparation Corner.

Enhancement of “Mynaportal Linkage” in e-Tax using the Mynenumber card. MyNa Portal Linkage” is a function to collect data such as deduction certificates via MyNa Portal and automatically input them into the relevant fields of various tax returns in the income tax filing process. Data such as withholding tax for public pensions, medical expenses, hometown tax payments, life insurance, and national pension premiums have been available until now, but new data will be added to the list. The invoice system also supports the preparation of tax returns for the “20% Special Exception,” which reduces the amount of consumption tax paid to 20% of the sales tax amount. When preparing tax returns under the simplified taxation system or the “20% special exception,” the tax amount, etc., is automatically calculated by simply entering the amount of sales (income) and other data.


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