A bar with 270 cars! Only here can you enjoy Japan’s world-famous “Cars, Gourmet, and Mt.

Fusion of motor sports and hospitality
According to Dongryu on September 9, there are approximately 54,935 hotel facilities throughout Japan (as of June 2022, according to Hotel Bank), and they are so diversified that it is difficult to divide them into categories such as Japanese hotels, foreign-affiliated hotels, luxury hotels, and lifestyle hotels.

Hotel concepts vary widely, but one of the most unique is the Fuji Speedway Hotel, which opened on October 7, 2022.

This will be the first Japanese launch of Hyatt’s collection brand “Unbound Collection by Hyatt,” owned and managed by Toyota Real Estate and operated by Hyatt.

Toyota Real Estate is a member of the Toyota Motor Corporation group, and the concept of the hotel is “the fusion of motor sports and hospitality. Located next to Fuji Speedway, one of Japan’s most famous circuits, guests can enjoy the charm of motorsports and luxury hospitality at the same time through their stay at the hotel.

Museum and simulators are also available.

All guest rooms have a balcony or terrace, about half of which have a breathtaking view of the circuit. The villas are equipped with a private show garage where you can view your car and tickle the fancy of car lovers.

The Fuji Motorsports Museum, which traces the 130-year history of motorsports through the display of numerous racing cars, is co-located. The Fuji Speedway Hotel is also the only place where you can experience a professional racing simulator in the gym.

It is also a pleasure to soak in the Fuji Omikami Onsen hot spring. In the large bathhouse with a half-open-air bath, you can relax and enjoy the sulfate spring water, which is said to be effective for beautiful skin, while viewing Mt. After bathing, guests can enjoy free Shizuoka tea, milk from Asagiri Kogen, and coffee milk at the adjacent relaxation space, which can be enjoyed after bathing.

The Fuji Speedway Hotel is a unique and wonderfully unique hotel, but the food is actually excellent as well.

Four food and beverage facilities in the hotel
Fuji Speedway Hotel has four food and beverage outlets, offering cuisine that breathes new life into Shizuoka’s culinary culture.

Fuji, the TROFEO Italian restaurant, the TROFEO Lounge, a lobby lounge where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal, the Robata OYAMA, a Robata dining room with a relaxed atmosphere, and the TROFEO Lobby Lounge, a restaurant where you can enjoy a drink with a view of Mt. and “BAR 4563,” a social gathering place for adults who are passionate about motor sports.

The executive chef is Mr. Jun Ishii. In addition to his experience at a number of luxury hotels, his four years of restaurant management experience in Shizuoka City has given him a deep understanding of local ingredients and a unique connection to the area. Working with local producers, he is also committed to reducing food loss by proactively purchasing substandard ingredients of consistent quality.

Let us introduce each of our facilities.

*All information is current at the time of the interview. Service charge not included.

TROFEO Italian

TROFEO” means “trophy” in Italian. The name was inspired by the image of a place where drivers who have completed a grueling race can share the joy of victory.

The light streaming in through the windows creates a pleasant atmosphere, allowing diners to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine prepared in the open kitchen while gazing at the majestic view of Mt. The restaurant can be used for a variety of occasions, including terrace seating with seasonal views and a private room ideal for anniversaries and dinners.

Substantial Dinner
For dinner, we offer both course and a la carte menus. The courses are filled with the wonders of seasonal vegetables, while the a la carte menu allows guests to make their own selections. Here is an a la carte menu that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Caprese: mozzarella cheese from Nanatomi Cheese Factory, Amela tomatoes, basil, Shizuoka olive oil / 2,700 yen

This caprese is made with mozzarella cheese from Nanatomi Cheese Factory, which is made with milk and water produced at the foot of Mt. The basil is also very fresh, and the olive oil is also from Shizuoka. A must-try appetizer that concentrates the nourishing flavors of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Trofeo’s special ham platter / 3,600 yen (half: 2,000 yen)

This assortment of four different kinds of ham makes a perfect snack to accompany alcoholic beverages. The photo shows a half-size ham, but it is a generous portion for two to three people. The salami, coppa, mortadella, and prosciutto are a great variety of flavors to enjoy. Grissini, bread, and olives are served with it.

Margherita Nanatomi Cheese Factory’s mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, basil / 2,550 yen

A pizza oven has been set up to allow diners to taste authentic pizza. The pizza is Neapolitan style, so the dough is glutinous and the cornichone is very satisfying. Mozzarella cheese from Nanatomi Cheese Factory is used sparingly and is rich in flavor and deliciousness.

Shizuoka sea bream in broth with basil flavor, scallion, beans, tomatoes, capers, olives / 6,500 yen

The pride of Shizuoka Prefecture, sea bream is the star of this aqua pazza. The delicate flavor of the sea bream is fully expressed in this dish. It is also filled with vegetables such as green beans, snap peas, broccoli, tomatoes, and black and green olives. This dish is packed with seafood in abundance.

Shizuoka Pork Plate – Kinka Pork Loin, Aono Farm Olive Pork Belly Confit, Marinated Summer Vegetables with Three Different Sauces / 6,200 yen

This main dish shows that Shizuoka Prefecture has delicious pork as well. The Fuji Kinka Pork Loin is tender with just the right amount of heat, while the Aono Farm Olive Pork Belly is cooked to a firm crisp. Three sauces are available: tangy mustard, sour ravigotte, and refreshing salsa, so enjoy “changing the flavor”.

Meringata with white peaches and roses / 1,100 yen

A meringue cake arranged with white peaches and roses, sublimated into a plated dessert. The sweetness of the white peaches and the fragrance of the rose are impressive. It is not only tasty but also graceful in appearance.

Wines from Italy and other countries

A variety of wines are available. The wine by the glass is also available, so you can enjoy it casually.

Ferrari Homage Trento Brut” (2,500 yen per glass) is the only special sparkling wine in the world created by the Italian company Ferrari as a token of its longtime appreciation and respect for Japan. Made from 100% Chardonnay, it is elegant and dry. It is a perfect match for salty appetizers.

Masca del Tacco Luetta Fiano 2021 (1,800 yen per glass) is a white wine from Puglia, Italy, made from 100% Fiano. Fresh and fruity, it goes well with all appetizers.

In addition to Italian wines, the restaurant also offers famous wines from California, USA, such as “Bread and Butter Pinot Noir 2021” (2,200 yen per glass). The wine is 100% Pinot Noir and is characterized by its rich flavor and deep deliciousness. This is the perfect wine to pair with meat dishes.

Affordable Lunch
TROFEO Italian is open for lunch, making it a casual place to enjoy Italian cuisine. You can order a la carte, but the lunch course (3,800 yen) is a great value. It consists of a salad, choice of main dish, dessert, and coffee or tea, and is very well balanced.

Seasonal Salad Zucchini Sweet Corn Parmesan Cheese Honey Lemon Dressing

The first salad is full of vegetables. Corn, young corn, zucchini, chicory, green beans, and sunny lettuce offer a variety of flavors. The parmesan cheese is generously shaved and has just the right amount of saltiness.

Corn Carbonara Spaghetti with Pancetta Pecorino Cheese

You can choose from five different main dishes, but we chose the seasonal Carbonara. Playful and light popcorn is added, and black pepper is a nice touch.


Dessert is the classic Italian dolce: tiramisu. It is very dynamic as it is served from an oval in front of you. The pleasant bitterness of the espresso will refresh your pa

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