High demand for car sharing due to rising gasoline prices for the 16th consecutive week! Card reader used in car unlocking

Good evening. Today I would like to introduce an article on car sharing and a card reader.

Car sharing business showing growth

According to the September 6 Nagoya TV report, “car sharing” is becoming increasingly popular as gasoline prices continue to rise.

Car sharing” is a service that allows registered members to share the use of a car.

Cariteco, which operates a car sharing service in Nagoya and other areas, says that the number of members has increased since the new Corona. The number of members has increased by 150% compared to the number before the new Corona.

When we talked to users, they said, “I have one company car, so I use car sharing when it is occupied,” and “The advantage is that I can easily rent a car by the hour” (user). Depending on the type of car, the fee starts at 198 yen per 15 minutes for a light car.

The car can be used by placing the IC card over the card reader.


Industry and Applications
<What is Advanced Card Systems (ACS)?

Across a wide range of industries, our technology enables convenient, multi-factor authentication and supports high-demand applications.
applications by enabling convenient, multi-factor authentication. Our technology increases efficiency, reduces errors, and protects against malicious attacks.
Our smart card-based technology is suitable for a variety of scenarios.


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Card reader that can also be used for e-Tax, My Number Card, and Electronic Vehicle Identification

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