Watami Hokkaido Scallops New Menu: Supporting Fishermen in the Face of Chinese Import Restrictions

Good morning. Today’s article is about scallops

According to FNN Prime Online on September 8, Watami, a restaurant chain, announced on September 7 that it will start a “Japanese Fishery Support Campaign” using Hokkaido scallops at its “Miraizaka” and “Torimero” restaurants from September 11 in order to support fishermen affected by China’s import restrictions on Japanese fishery products. The company announced that the campaign will begin on November 11. Chairman Miki Watanabe said, “We have a surplus of scallops. We were told that they would be grateful if they could use them, so we immediately began preparations,” he explained. He hopes to add a scallop menu to the year-end party course to help increase consumption, and is also considering supporting menus for Ootoro and sea cucumbers. The value of seafood exports to China in July was down about 20% from the previous year, and according to the Fisheries Agency, the trading price of Hokkaido scallops was down about 20 yen in August compared to the middle and end of July.


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