Don’t think twice! What is the charm of a camp stove that you want to keep warm with the right usage


Campers enjoying a wood stove in a tent with proper ventilation

According to Sotlava on September 25, a pleasant autumn breeze has begun to blow. The perfect season for camping has arrived. The “camp stove” is a must for camping from now on as we move from fall to winter. Now that the temperature is beginning to drop, we recommend that you introduce a camp stove to your camp as a must-have item for coexisting with nature and spending a comfortable time in a harsh environment. In this issue, we will take a closer look at the camp stove.

Camp stove is essential for fall and winter camping
There are many different types of camp stoves. The first thing you need to know is what you need. As the name implies, a camp stove is a camping stove, a heating device used to keep you warm in the field. It is a standard practice to use a campfire to warm yourself outside the tent, but of course, you cannot have a campfire inside the tent. You can just crawl into your shrug for cold sleeping, but you need to maintain a comfortable room temperature in order to spend time inside the tent talking about camping and relaxing. This is when a camp stove comes in handy and is an indispensable must-have item.

What are the different types of camp stoves?
So what are the different types of camp stoves? The most important factor to consider when discussing camp stoves is the fuel used to produce the heat. There are four main types of fuel: the most popular is the “oil stove,” followed by the “cassette gas stove,” which uses CB cans for cassette stoves and OD cans for single burners, and the “wood stove,” which is the standard for log cabins. Recently, the use of “electric stoves” using portable power sources is also becoming popular.

What are the characteristics and disadvantages of each stove?
Let us now consider the disadvantages of camp stoves using each fuel. The “wood stove,” with its excellent atmosphere, is commercially available as a compact item that can be used in a tent, but it is not common, partly because it requires the installation of a chimney and a special tent. Cassette gas stoves using CB or OD cans are compact and convenient, but the small amount of heat produced and fuel costs make them suitable for solo campers with minimal backpacking gear. Electric stoves, which use a portable power source, are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, but their main drawback is that they consume a lot of power. In short, to use an electric heater, you must have a “high-capacity = expensive” portable power supply.

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