PD GaN Wall Charger with PPS function


MICRODIA Wall Charger
MICRODIA SmartCube Nano 30 (30W PD GaN Wall Charger with PPS function USB-C port World’s Smallest GaN 30W PD Charger)

MICRODIA SmartCube Nano 35 (35W PD GaN Wall Charger with PPS function USB-C & USB-A port)

MICRODIA SmartCube Nano 65 (65W PD GaN Wall Charger with PPS charging capability, dual USB-C ports)




PD (Power Delivery) – is a power delivery standard for USB Type-C connectors. USB PD chargers can also be used to quickly charge large devices such as PCs and LCD monitors.




Smart Ai-a proprietary, patented technology developed by MICRODIA, the Smart Chip automatically detects the current and voltage required by the device, extending the life of the product and the charging device. This technology is 35% more durable than other products commonly available on the market.




Smart IC – automatically identifies connected devices and charges them to optimal levels. Multi-charge protection keeps devices safe from overcharging and overcurrent.

TRAVEL LIGHT-Travel Light 20W: 30 x 27 x 30mm (not including plug), 30W: 37*33*35mm (not including plug), 35W: 37*34*35mm (not including plug), ultra compact size. Convenient to keep in your pocket.
Superior safety performancePremium heat-resistant materials and built-in multi-protection intelligent safety system against over-current, over-charge, over-heating and short circuit guarantee complete protection.

Available in CHOICES colors-Black/White. Available in fixed and foldable versions, ideal for travel and storage.



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