Invoice “signatures against” exceed 500,000! RENGO Chairman Yoshino’s “steady introduction” comment rehashed even as Rikken “submits repeal bill


According to FLASH on September 25, the number of signatures opposing the invoice system scheduled to start on October 1 exceeded 500,000, the most in the history of online signatures in Japan.  On September 24, the “STOP! Invoice” petition, which the “Freelance Association for the Invoice System” sought support for on the online petition site “,” reached its goal of 500,000 signatures. The largest number so far was 465,481 strokes, calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics in the 2021 Corona disaster.

The invoice system is a rule that requires businesses to use invoices that include the consumption tax rate and tax amount when conducting transactions.  When small businesses with taxable sales of 10 million yen or less issue invoices, they are newly obliged to pay consumption tax to the government, which they had been exempted from in the past. A number of people expressed concern about this, saying that “the burden on freelancers and those working in small businesses is too great.

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