Anker Introduces New Green Color for the Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 30W), One of the World’s Smallest 3-Port Mobile Batteries

Anker has added a new color, green, to its Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 30W), one of the world’s smallest 3-port mobile batteries with up to 30W output to charge smartphones and MacBook Air, according to a September 25 kofukutrade report.
The first 100 units are limited to 10% off at 5,390 yen.

Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 30W)
USB PD compatible with maximum 30W output power for fast charging of iPhone 14 series and Galaxy S23 series. Charges up to 3 times faster than a typical 5W charger.

Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 30W)
Despite its compact size, this 10000mAh charger is one of the smallest in the world and can charge an iPhone 14 more than twice or a Galaxy S23 approximately 2 times.



PD (Power Delivery)-A power delivery standard that is compatible with USB Type-C connectors. USB PD chargers can quickly charge large devices such as PCs and LCD monitors.


Quick Charge 3.0-U.S. company Qualcomm developed a standard for charging smartphones and tablets at high speeds, enabling full charging of smartphones about four times faster than USB charging.

Smart Ai-A unique, patented technology developed by MICRODIA, the Smart Chip automatically detects the current and voltage required by the device, extending the life of the product and charging device. This technology is 35% more durable than other products on the market today.

MADE FOR IPHONE MAGSAFE – The MagView Series is specifically designed for the iPhone 14/13/12 series, with 17 powerful NdFeB magnets making a strong magnetic connection, ensuring secure installation and high wireless charging efficiency The MagView 14/13/12 series is the first wireless charging system in the world to feature a magnetic connection.

Charging efficiency at a glance – MagView features an LED display that shows existing charging voltage and indicates power supply status.


Bi-directional charging between two devices – Apart from 15W wireless magnetic charging to iPhone14/13/12 series, this PD30W/65W power bank can charge cell phones and tablets + notebooks simultaneously.

This stylish power bank is 17mm/24mm/26mm thick and comes with a silicone strap to ensure a secure grip and can be attached to carry-on luggage to prevent accidental loss. The lithium cobalt battery provides 50% more cycles and less heat generation than regular lithium polymer batteries.


USER FRIENDLY – Snap the battery pack into the back of your phone and press the power button to start charging. Apart from wireless charging, three additional devices can be charged via USB-C and USB-A ports with cables.


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