Takeuchi Shuzo’s “Tadaiyasu Junmai Daiginjo” goes well with meat dishes.


This sake card introduces sake made by Yoshida Sake Brewery. It describes the origin of the name and taste.

According to the Kyoto Shimbun on September 23, Shiga Prefecture and the prefectural sake brewers’ association are stepping up efforts to promote Shiga’s sake in an effort to recover sales of sake, which have declined due to the new coronavirus outbreak. They are making cards to introduce the attractiveness of each sake brand to young people and setting up a registration system for stores selling locally brewed sake to make it easier for customers to buy it, aiming to attract demand during the year-end and New Year holidays.

The Council for the Promotion of Omi’s Local Sake Hospitality, formed by the prefecture and the association, has created the “Omi’s Local Sake Card. Each of the 31 breweries belonging to the association’s main brands is introduced with a photograph. The card includes information on the taste, recommended drinking methods, and origin of the name, while the reverse side describes the history of the brewery and the particulars of the manufacturing process.

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Introducing sake from Shiga Prefecture that goes well with meat and fish dishes.

Luxurious Daiginjo from Shiga’s Takeuchi Shuzo Co.
Takeuchi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. is a sake brewing company located in Konan City, Shiga Prefecture, founded in 1872 and known for producing sake such as “Ka-no-izumi. Ishibe, one of the 53 stops on the Tokaido Highway, flourished in the Edo period (1603-1867) as a lodging town where travelers always stopped, as in the phrase “Kyo-tachi-ishibe hatsu tomari” (“Kyo-tachi-ishibe hatsu tomari”). The reputation of Ishibe-no-shu grew among travelers who compared several different kinds of sake, and it is said that people began to come to the town in search of this sake. People were reluctant to talk about the sake because they wanted to keep it for themselves. The sake was called “sake of silence,” and was even kept in the main inn.

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8Awabijin Sparkling (Happobijin Sparkling)

Special Daiginjo from a long-established Shiga sake brewing company
Takeuchi Sake Brewing Company, a long-established sake brewery in Shiga, has a very confident daiginjo-shu that won the gold medal at the 2009 National New Sake Competition for the third year in a row. The blessings of Omi, which have been passed down since the Edo period, are carefully brewed with the spirit of craftsmanship to create a mellow taste and gorgeous aroma.



Takeuchi Sake, Shiga Prefecture
Tadaiyuki Junmai Daiginjyo

1 time heating, refrigeration required

Ingredients: Rice, Rice malt

Rice used: 100% Yamadanishiki produced in Hyogo Prefecture’s special A district

Rice Polishing Ratio: 50

Alcohol content: 17

Content: 720ml


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