FIDO® USB Security Key “Pocket Key” by ACS High Speed ID Online FIDO Certified Security Key!

■Pocket Key Product Description

ACS’s Pocket Key enables users to experience secure and fast passwordless online login. From Pocket Key, individuals, businesses, and institutions such as governments can replace passwords with multi-factor or two-factor authentication, reducing reliance on static passwords.

The device is certified by the FIDO Alliance [FIDO]® and complies with the FIDO2 protocol. The device’s encryption security model eliminates the possibility of phishing, passwords, identity theft, and repeated attacks; user tracking can be prevented by storing the FIDO encryption key on the device and creating a unique key per website.

Pocket Key is designed with a USB Type A and a single mechanical switch. That switch is an essential feature to ensure that the user is physically present.

It is compatible with operating systems such as Windows®, Linux®, macOS, and AndroidTM , as well as major web browsers (ChromeTM , Safari® Microsoft Edge® and Firefox®).

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Pocket Key



Establishment of ACS Japan

Advanced Card Systems Ltd., a Hong Kong listed IT solutions manufacturer, established Advanced Card Systems Japan K.K. in Japan on December 27, 2022. We will continue to focus on technical support and satisfaction as a manufacturer.

Corporate number:


Corporate Name:

Advanced Card Systems Japan K.K.

Corporate name (katakana)

Advanced Card Systems Japan K.K.


Nihonbashi Daiei Building 7F, 1-2-6 Nihonbashi Muromachi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Date of registration:

December 27, 2022



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