China Embargo Hurts Exports, Urgent Support for Fishery Industry One Month after Discharge of Treated Water

According to Jiji Press on September 24, it will be one month on the 24th since the discharge of treated water from TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean began.  China, which reacted to the discharge, immediately suspended all imports of Japanese marine products, and the impact on food exports to China began to surface. The government has compiled a list of measures to support the fisheries industry, including the development of overseas sales channels and the strengthening of domestic processing systems, but prompt implementation is required.  According to preliminary trade statistics (customs clearance basis) for August, the value of food exports to China plummeted 41.2% from the same month last year to 14.2 billion yen. China announced a total suspension of imports on August 24, when the release of treated water began, and the full impact of the embargo will not be felt until September or later. The countermeasures by China, the top exporter of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food products to Japan, will inevitably put a sudden brake on food exports, which have been steadily expanding.

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Overseas exports of alcoholic beverages such as whiskey and sake, and agricultural, forestry, and fishery products such as wagyu beef and scallops

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