Baby oil face wash” is a hot topic! Stop using facial cleansers to correct skin irritation. ……


On September 24, magacol reported on “baby oil face wash,” which became an instant hit after beauty aficionado MIMI posted about it on her SNS. Story writer Ozaki interviewed MIMI about her own skin cleansing method and her “Intelligence Skin Care,” which has a clear purpose and approach.

Only “baby oil” is used to wash face. When I stopped washing with soap and cleansers: ……
Writer Ozaki: MIMI-san has very fair and beautiful skin, but you used to have sensitive skin and suffered from rough skin. What kind of baby oil face wash did you use to stabilize your skin? mimi The core of my face wash is “no soap or cleanser.” This does not mean that soap and cleansers are evil, but that it is important to find the right cleansing power for each skin type, I have not used soap or cleansers for 20 years since I was 18 years old, but sometimes my life was restricted because it was difficult to remove make-up and the range of make-up I could enjoy was limited. That’s when I came across the method of lifting makeup with baby oil. I then began researching why my skin was rough and why washing my face with baby oil would improve it, and taking hints from everyone’s comments with photos, I gradually brushed up on the “baby oil face wash” method. Writer Ozaki: Everyone’s skin looks so beautiful! What is the baby oil face wash procedure like? mimi The baby oil face wash is very easy once you learn how to do it.


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Take about 3 pumps of baby oil. Remove any makeup first.

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(2) Place the oil on the entire face and smooth it over the eyelids, nose, hairline, and other fine areas.

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(3) Absorb the oil with a tissue. At this time, do not rub or press hard, but press gently with the palm of your hand or fingers to absorb the oil.

Reference source: Story

4) Peel off the two layers of tissue and absorb the oil with the rough inner side. Carefully absorb the oil around the eyes and nose, and lightly wash the face with lukewarm water when taking a bath afterwards. Writer Ozaki: Actually, I tried the baby oil face wash the other day. My skin was in a very bad condition, perhaps due to a rough mask, and it wouldn’t settle down, so I tried it with jojoba oil that I had at home, and the next morning it was moist and the redness had calmed down, and my skin was back to normal! mimi That’s great to hear! Baby oil face wash is a very good method for those who fit perfectly. Of course, you can use other oils as well. Just be sure to discontinue it if you notice anything unusual. This baby oil face wash is an idea I came up with because I am an ordinary housewife. In fact, cosmetics developers and experts gave me high marks and told me that they couldn’t come up with this kind of idea because of the stereotype that it has to be washed off with water.

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