What is the HPKI card authenticated by the Japan Medical Association Electronic Authentication Center?

Medical Practitioner’s Qualification Card

The Japan Medical Association Electronic Authentication Center is recognized as an “HPKI Certification Authority” that can issue HPKI cards, which meet the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and will be important in the future of IT medicine.
The Medical Qualification Card can be used not only as proof by presentation, but also as electronic proof that the holder is a physician in the field of IT using an IC card reader.



ACS’s ACR1255 IC card reader has been confirmed for HPKI card operation by the Electronic Authentication Center of the Japan Medical Association.

See below.

When using the physician’s credentials with a PC, be sure to install* this driver software.
Also, please refer to the “HPKI Card Driver Installation Manual” when installing the software. (In preparation)

* Please prepare an IC card reader in advance.
Currently, the following IC card readers have been confirmed to work.
For details on how to connect individual IC card readers, please contact the respective manufacturers.

Manufacturer Product name Contact/non-contact
SONY RC-S300/S1 (for business use)*
*Not available for personal models Contactless
NTT Communications uTrust4701F Contact
NTT Communications uTrust4701F Contactless
NTT Communications SCR3310V2.0 Contact
Identiv CLOUD/uTrust 2700R Contact
Identiv CLOUD3701F Contactless
I-O Data Device USB-NFC4 Contactless
I-O Data Device USB-ICCRW Contact
Advanced Card Systems Japan ACR1255 Contactless
Sanwa Supply ADR-MNICUBK Contactless
As of July 2023

Click here for more information about HPKI card models that have been tested for operation.


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