What is [MICRODIA] Robotic Wireless Car Charger 15W Qi Certified USB-TypeC X.DRIVE Portofino?

Today, we would like to introduce a wireless car charger made by MICRODIA.





■Wireless car charger made by MICRODIA



Easy operation
When a cell phone is placed near the charger, the built-in infrared sensor automatically opens the lever when the cell phone is detected, enabling wireless charging. To remove the cell phone, gently press the sensor on the upper back.

Smart Power Management
MICRODIA’s patented Smart Power Management technology, SmartAI™️, ensures that unlike many other models, the car’s battery is not drained when the ignition is turned off and the car gets a fresh start every morning.

Fully Automatic
State-of-the-art infrared induction technology opens and closes the lever when a cell phone is detected. A tap on the back automatically opens the clip for easy storage.

The phone is secured with a 3-point lever to prevent accidental dropping.






SmartAITM Technology
SmartAITM technology allows the built-in IC chip to intelligently detect the required current and optimize charging with voltage protection, temperature control, and more advanced safety protections.

Qi Certification
The 15W high-speed Qi certified car charger holder charges 3.5 times faster than standard chargers and can reduce charging time for all fast-charging compatible devices by up to 60 minutes.

Two mounting options
Air vent mount with clip, telescopic arm, and suction cap mount installation options are available. The holder can also be adjusted 360 degrees three-dimensionally for the perfect viewing angle.

Adjustable Field of View
360-degree rotation & both horizontal and vertical display

Multiple Uses
Not only for cars, this wireless charger can be used in the office or home, using the suction mount to securely hold the charger to any work top surface.


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– 15W Wireless Car Charger with Supercapacitor to Prevent Car Battery Drain

– Fully automatic, with built-in infrared sensor

– Available in Rosso Portofino Red and Grigio Silverstone Gray.



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