Lotion with a reason to keep using it “chosen by beauty professionals” [5 selections


According to GISELe on September 21, from high-functionality types equipped with anti-aging care, peeling effects, and other nice-to-have elements, to stable bottles that can be used even when skin is sensitive, such as before menstruation. We share with you a selection of “dependable” lotion.



01_Mild peeling lactopep lotion that removes dirt from pores 100mL 8,800 yen / RECARCA “I use this to reduce clogged pores and prevent acne. Since it is a peeling lotion, I can feel the effect more if I use a cotton pack focusing on blackheads and white pimples on my nose, etc.” (Akiko Fujii, beauty influencer) “The line use is recommended for RECARCA, but you can feel the difference in your skin even if you use this item alone. The roughness and roughness of my skin and the pores on my nose are no longer bothersome. In addition to the peeling ingredients, it also contains peptides and 2K glycyrrhizic acid, which is a luxury! (A.Y / Beauty Editor) [POINT] An exfoliating lotion that can be used every day, with consideration given to the burden on the skin. The well-balanced combination of lactic acid and salicylic acid removes clogged sebum and unwanted keratin. Thanks to tripeptide-1 and tripeptide-3, which are part of the collagen component, the skin remains moist even after peeling, which tends to dry out the skin. Thick texture.



02_Firmness and elasticity care for adults Le Lift Lotion 150mL 10,450 yen/Chanel “A lotion that is worth continuing to use. I like the texture that changes from thick to watery and the gorgeous fragrance. The more I use it, the firmer, plumper, and tighter my skin becomes, so I can’t live without it every day. It contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients including hyaluronic acid, which attracts water molecules like a magnet. It gives the skin a sense of elasticity that makes it plump and bounce back.

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■[For estheticians and massage parlors] Organic Clear Jojoba Massage Oil with CBD
Contains additive-free pure 100% organic jojoba oil + 3% CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.



Jojoba crude oil certified organic (USDA USDA standard) by an organic certification organization is refined in a factory in Japan and contains CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.

Organic jojoba oil is made by refining unrefined jojoba crude oil in Japan, removing the color and fragrance, and adding CBD to the refined jojoba oil, which has almost no fragrance. Jojoba oil is refined in Japan to remove unwanted substances, making it a more stable jojoba oil with lower levels of plant-derived irritants and allergens, and is preferred over unrefined by those with ultra-sensitive skin. Refined jojoba oil refined in Japan is of very high quality and is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Many people say that refined jojoba oil is easier to use for massage than unrefined jojoba oil, making it a popular product at beauty salons.


How to use
Apply an appropriate amount to the entire body or any flaky areas.

Use within 5 minutes after taking a bath for best results.


Other Uses
Please refer to the following examples of use.

Massage related
Body massage, facial massage, scalp massage

Massage for the elderly

Massage to prevent stretch marks

Massage to improve skin elasticity after weight loss.


Care for skin, hair, etc.
For dry skin, tightness and flakiness

Apply in place of milky lotion, lotion, cream, etc.

Apply to scalp and hair after washing hair.

Apply to damaged nails.


Makeup related
As a cleansing oil

As a base for makeup

As a sunscreen

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