Kenso’s Jojoba oil is recommended for dry skin.


I bought jojoba oil online.


The description of the unit and the box

The expiration date is long, until 2022, but they say you have to use it within 6 months after opening the package.

You have to use it pretty quickly.

But I think jojoba oil is for fall and winter, so I think I can use it up.



When I opened the lid of jojoba oil

It looks like this.

The texture is silky.

If you knock it over, all the contents will overflow, so you have to be very careful.

It’s a waste if it all comes out and it’s definitely hard to clean…


I am very satisfied with the jojoba oil itself, but I am concerned about the difficulty of handling this.

I just have to make sure I don’t knock it over!


The first few days I couldn’t get used to how to dispense it, and it ran out pretty fast.

I decided to use it carefully because it is not a petit price, and I mastered how to take it out in a few days.

The key is to carefully tilt the container little by little.

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Organic Jojoba Massage Oil with CBD for Dry Skin.


■[For estheticians and massage parlors] Organic Clear Jojoba Massage Oil with CBD
Contains additive-free pure 100% organic jojoba oil + 3% CBD isolate with over 99% concentration.



Jojoba crude oil certified organic (USDA USDA standard) by an organic certification organization is refined in a factory in Japan and contains CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.

Organic jojoba oil is made by refining unrefined jojoba crude oil in Japan, removing the color and aroma, and adding CBD to the refined jojoba oil, which has almost no aroma. Jojoba oil is refined in Japan to remove unwanted substances, making it a more stable jojoba oil with lower levels of plant-derived irritants and allergens, and is preferred over unrefined by those with ultra-sensitive skin. Refined jojoba oil refined in Japan is of very high quality and is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Many people say that refined jojoba oil is easier to use for massage than unrefined jojoba oil, making it a popular product at beauty salons.


How to use
Apply an appropriate amount to the entire body or any flaky areas.

Use within 5 minutes after taking a bath for best results.


Other Uses
Please refer to the following examples of use.

Body massage, facial massage, scalp massage

Massage for the elderly

Massage to prevent stretch marks

Massage to improve skin elasticity after weight loss.


Care for skin, hair, etc.
For dry skin, tightness and flakiness

Apply in place of milky lotion, lotion, cream, etc.

Apply to scalp and hair after washing hair.

Apply to damaged nails.


Makeup related
As a cleansing oil

As a base for makeup

As a sunscreen

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