iPhone 15 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro” Comparison

According to ITmedia, the “iPhone 15” series was released on September 22. We had the opportunity to use the “iPhone 15 Pro” in advance, and would like to provide our first impressions, albeit in a short period of less than a day since the day before the release.

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro in Black Titanium
I have used the Pro model for two generations, the “iPhone 13 Pro” and the “iPhone 14 Pro,” so I would like to describe the newness and features of the 15 Pro from the perspective of a 14 Pro user. This time, we will focus mainly on the “design,” “camera,” and “action buttons.

Dramatic changes from the iPhone 14 Pro in size and ease of use
My first impression of the iPhone 15 Pro when I held it in my hand was that it was lighter and smoother. The lightness is largely due to the change in frame material from stainless steel in the 14 Pro to titanium, which reduces the weight from 206g in the 14 Pro to 187g.

iPhone 15 Pro
The hold is much better than the iPhone 14 Pro.
In addition, the display surface and the edges of the back are gently curved, making it feel more comfortable in the hand. One of my complaints with the iPhone 14 Pro was that it felt heavy and uncomfortable in my hand. 14 Pro has a convex edge, and I was concerned about the feeling of it catching in my hand when I held it. The iPhone 15 Pro is easy to hold without a case and is light enough to be acceptable.

iPhone 15 Pro
The sides are gently curved, so it fits securely in the palm of the hand.
Another major change is the narrower bezel on the display surface, which is 0.9mm thinner than the width (70.6mm). It is hard to convey the impact just by the numbers, but when you hold it in your hand, you feel that it is clearly smaller. In fact, the iPhone 15 Pro is the smallest model in the iPhone 15 series. iPhone 15 Pro is 70.6 (W) x 146.6 (H) x 8.25 (D) mm, while iPhone 15 is 71.6 (W) x The iPhone 15 is thinner, but the iPhone 15 Pro fits more comfortably in the palm of the hand.

iPhone 15 Pro
The iPhone 15 Pro (left) has slightly narrower bezels than the iPhone 14 Pro (right), which is difficult to see with the protective film on the right.
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro on the left, iPhone 14 Pro on the right
It is difficult to visually see the smaller bezel, and it is not enough to feel that the screen has become more immersive. However, the bezels are clearly narrower than those of the iPhone 15 Plus, which we borrowed at the same time, so if you switched from iPhone 13 or 14, you should be able to feel the difference.

I would also like to mention the texture of the titanium. The one I rented was black titanium, which I felt went well with the matte material on the back and added heft to the chic black. iPhone 14 Pro’s stainless steel is also beautiful, but it has a strong glossy finish and fingerprints stand out. However, the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium also shows a fair amount of fingerprints, and I was bothered by the slightly uneven color only around the side keys due to fingerprint marks.

iPhone 15 Pro
The titanium frame adds to the sense of massiveness. Fingerprints are more noticeable than expected.
iPhone 15 Pro
The iPhone 15 Pro at the top and the iPhone 14 Pro at the bottom, which looks very different from the shiny stainless steel.
The back of the iPhone 15 Pro is made of the same polished glass-like “textured glass” as the iPhone 14 Pro, and the texture is the same as the iPhone 14 Pro. Unlike the frame, fingerprints are not noticeable, and the appeal is still there. The protruding camera also remains the same, so if you want to prevent scratches around the lens, you may want to attach a case or lens cover.

iPhone 15 Pro
Left: iPhone 15 Pro, Right: iPhone 14 Pro.

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