Eiheiji-machi Completes New Plant to Increase Sake Shipments to Foreign Countries

According to Fukui News Web on September 15, a sake brewer in Eiheiji Town established a new factory with a Hong Kong company in order to increase the volume of sake shipped overseas.

The new factory was built by Yoshida Shuzo, a sake brewer in Eiheiji Town, and a company established by a Hong Kong company in order to increase the amount of sake shipped overseas.
Governor Sugimoto and about 40 people attended the ceremony on January 15, and celebrated the completion of the new factory by breaking open a sake barrel.
The factory, built at a total cost of approximately 1.2 billion yen, is a two-story building with an area of approximately 1,300 square meters, and is equipped with a hygiene management system that enables it to export products overseas.
The factory will start operation on September 18, and is expected to produce 360,000 liters per year, which will be exported to Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries in addition to Japan.
Symphony Yoshida Brewery’s director, Yasushi Mikami, said, “We would like to produce sake for overseas consumption at this factory, which meets world-class food safety standards, and deliver the value of sake made in Eiheiji to the world.


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