Sports bar in Awaza offers 40 types of whiskey and highballs made with pure water ice


According to Minnano Keizai on September 22, “ASGL Sports Bar&Cafe” (1 Enoko-jima, Nishi-ku, Osaka; Tel: 06-6225-8128) will celebrate three months since its opening in Awaza, Osaka on September 24. (Semba Keizai Shimbun)

The store has a floor space of approximately 20 tsubo (860 square meters) and seats 19 people. Two large monitors are installed in the restaurant, showing live broadcasts of soccer, baseball, F1, and other games.  Alcohol offerings will center on craft draft beer, whiskey, and natural wines. Two types of craft draft beer (700 yen) will be available daily from a selection of 30 types. The whiskey selection includes about 40 domestic and international brands. Yuya Kawai, the owner, explains, “Our recommendation is the highball (800 yen), which is made with strong carbonation. It is delicious with pure water ice,” he explains. Natural wine (800 yen) is served daily, with a choice of white, red, rosé, or orange. Bacon with cartilage (700 yen) is a popular snack. The bacon with cartilage (700 yen) is a popular snack, and the texture accentuates the taste and makes the beer go further,” he said.



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