Latest FIFA Rankings: Japan up one rank to 19th… Highest ranking since January 2012; Asian teams remain on top.


September 21, 2012: According to FOOTBALLZONE, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) released its latest FIFA rankings on September 21. Japan has moved up one spot to 19th since its release in July this year, while Argentina remains in first place.

Portugal, which won its second straight match, moved up to 8th place, while Italy, with one win and one minute, dropped to 9th, the only other team in the top 10 to switch places.  Japan, which won against Germany and Turkey, the two strongest teams in Europe, is ranked 19th, its first top-10 finish since January 2012, when it was ranked 19th. Japan was the top-ranked Asian nation, followed by Iran in 21st, South Korea in 26th, and Australia in 27th.  Argentina, last year’s World Cup champion in Qatar, was the top-ranked nation, followed by France in second and Brazil in third.


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