CBD HEAL The Third IZUMI” for the latest heating devices/US $100 million YOCAN brand!


According to BCN on September 22, Future Technology launched a new product “CBD HEAL The Third IZUMI” on September 15, combining the characteristics of “CBD HEAL,” which gained popularity for its high-quality CBD, and “The Third IZUMI” made from Kagoshima tea leaves. The flavor is JOKER MENT. The four flavors are JOKER MENTHOL, KING MINT, QUEEN BLUEBERRY, and JACK CITRUS, all priced at 650 yen.

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YOCAN brand of e-cigarettes popular with over $100 million U.S. dollars! YOCAN’s CBD vaporizer!
OEM manufacturing available! YOCAN brand is good, own brand is good, or both!


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