Naoya Inoue reveals that he often fantasizes about “Naoya Inoue vs.


Naoya Inoue receives a child’s punch with his mitt at a charity event in Minato-ku, Tokyo (Photo by Noriaki Sato)

According to Sunspot on September 21, professional boxing WBC and WBO world super bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue (30) of Ohashi participated in a charity event for the luxury watch brand Hublot, of which he has been an ambassador this year, in Tokyo on September 21. During the talk session, when asked by the moderator about a fighter he would like to fight, he replied, “Naoya Inoue,” revealing that he often fantasizes about Naoya Inoue vs.

I often fantasize about Naoya Inoue vs. Naoya Inoue. What would be the difference between winning and losing? How do you break down the same level of thinking that you are at? I think about it like a puzzle. It’s fun to imagine,” he said with a smile. Inoue’s professional record is 25 fights, 25 wins (22 KOs).

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