FIDO Level 2 Authentication! Security Key TrustKey! USB-A & C-TYPE

Good morning. Today, we would like to announce that our FIDO Authentication Security Key is now on Crowdfunding CAMPFIRE.

CAMPFIRE Listing Period
From September 20 to November 15
The URL is here.

TrustKey Inc.


TrustKey aims to provide the world’s best security authentication solutions

TrustKey was established in 2020 with the goal of providing the world’s best security authentication solution

TrustKey was established in 2020.


Product Information: T Series

USB type hardware security

Based on eWBM’s MS500 microprocessor with powerful security features


Strong touch-based authentication and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based mechanism

Simple and easy-to-understand login


CAMPFIRE posting period
September 20 to November 15
Publication URL is here.

Product Information: G Series

World’s highest level fingerprint authentication algorithm

Level 2 is currently the highest level in the FIDO Alliance.


■Main Features
Fast login without password

TrustKey allows users to log in easily and securely without passwords.


■User Protection
TrustKey T series security keys support multi-protocol authentication methods including FIDO2 and FIDO U2F.

It supports multi-protocol authentication methods including HOTP/TOTP (one-time passcode) and protects users from authentication information hijacking by phishing and MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks.

■Supports multiple client devices
Trust Key is a roaming authentication.

It can be used with multiple user devices.


Support for Microsoft Azure AD
TrustKey fully supports Microsoft Azure AD. It can be used to sign in to any Windows PC participating in Azure, whether online, offline, or in airplane mode.

CAMPFIRE Listing Period
September 20 to November 15
Publication URL is here.

■TrustKey Supporting Applications
TrustKey works with hundreds of products, services, and applications.


Major FIDO Board Member Companies
Aetna,amazon,americanexpress,apple,arm,bccard,daon,egis,facebook,feitian,google,idemia,infineon,ing,intel,jumio,lenovo,line, microsoft,noknok,docomo,onespan,onfido,paypal,qualcomm,raon,rsa,samsung,synaptics,thales,trustkey,usaa,visa,vmware,wellsfargo yahoo Japan,yubico,maxmind,nulab,onelogin,etc.



CAMPFIRE Listing Period
September 20 to November 15
The public URL is here.

Product Specifications


Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linuz, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc.

Supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, Fire ox, Safari, Whale, Brave, etc.


CAMPFIRE Listing Period
September 20 to November 15
The URL is here.

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