This week’s popular drinks, whiskey, wine, and champagne

good morning. The following drinks seem to be popular this week.

MUJAKU Junmai Daiginjo
Rice polishing rate: 18%

During the Heisei era, the toji himself planted Isehikari, a miraculous rice that was born through a special mutation at Ise Jingu Shrine.
The rice is grown using a special cultivation method using reduced pesticides and organic farming to produce first-grade rice.
This is carefully polished to 18% like a diamond,
This is the world’s best Junmai Daiginjo brewed with pure spring water from the headwaters of the Nishiki River.
We put “dreams” on the “sparrow”, which has been closely related to rice since ancient times.
We named it “Mujaku” because we wanted to introduce Japanese sake to the world.
It is a premium alcoholic beverage with only around 1000 bottles distributed around the world every year. Mujaku is different from traditional sake,
As a “vintage sake” that can be aged for 5 to 10 years,
It is brewed using a special method that is different from “old sake”.
Built with aging in mind,
By storing it at a low temperature, as it matures from shipping,
Layered layers of fruit-like aromas and aromas,
It will change to a mellow taste with smooth edges.
Brewing method
Junmai Daiginjo
Alcohol content
16 degrees
Rice polishing ratio
Internal capacity
Raw material name
Rice (rice from Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Koji rice (rice from Yamaguchi prefecture)
New sake (2023 Mujaku) on sale at the end of June
Price: 96,800 yen (tax included)
Vintage (2022 Mujaku)
Price: 140,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 30 pieces
Vintage (2021 Mujaku)
Price: 206,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 20 pieces
Vintage (2020 Mujaku)
Price: 316,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 10 pieces
Vintage (2019 Mujaku)
Price: 426,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 10 pieces
Vintage (2018 Mujaku)
Price: 756,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 3 pieces
Vintage (2016 Mujaku)
Price: 976,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 1 bottle
Vintage (Mujaku 2020-RESPECT)
Price: 648,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 1 bottle
Assemblage “MUJAKU WORLD” (2022 Mujaku)
Price: 648,800 yen (tax included) Limited to 1 bottle

Click here for inquiries about overseas export of Mujaku
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