Miyazaki Prefecture’s Exports of Agricultural, Livestock, and Fishery Products in the Last Fiscal Year Exceeded 11.1 Billion Yen, a Record High

According to Miyazaki News on September 19, the export value of agricultural, livestock, and fishery products from Miyazaki Prefecture in the last fiscal year reached a record high, exceeding 10 billion yen. According to the Miyazaki prefectural government, exports of agricultural, livestock, and fishery products from the prefecture last year totaled approximately 11.156 billion yen, an increase of approximately 2.280 billion yen, or 26%, from the previous year, and exceeded 10 billion yen for the first time ever. Of this amount, 8.289 billion yen was for livestock products such as beef, 1.850 billion yen was for marine products such as yellowtail and mullet roe, which is used to make Japanese mullet roe, and 1.017 billion yen was for agricultural products such as tea and kansho, all of which were higher than the previous year. Exports to Hong Kong were the largest by country and region, at approximately 2.654 billion yen, followed by the U.S. at 2.6 billion yen, and Taiwan at 2.473 billion yen. Miyazaki Prefecture attributes the increase in exports last fiscal year to the recovery of many countries and regions from the decline in corona exports, and the weak yen as a tailwind.



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