“iPhone 13”, which was at the mercy of the weak yen, is finally back to the price at the time of release

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iPhone 13 (from Apple’s press release)
According to IT journalist Kenta Yamaguchi on September 18th, when Apple announces the new iPhone, one thing that attracts attention at the same time is the price reduction of the old model.

Among them, the price of the iPhone 13 has finally come down to the price at the time of its release. I’ll explain what it all means.

iPhone 13 will be cheaper than when it was released
At Apple’s new iPhone announcement events, it is customary to mention older models that are still on sale.

The models that will continue to be sold after the announcement of the new iPhone 15 are the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 13, and 3rd generation iPhone SE.

Models that will continue to be sold after the iPhone 15 announcement (from Apple’s announcement event video)

Apple’s direct retail prices have also been reduced, making the iPhone 14 more affordable, from $799 to $699, and the iPhone 13 from $699 to $599.

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