Bassrin, a peach fragrance designed by Chiikawa, will be available in limited quantities


According to GAME Watch on September 19, GAME Watch, Basclin will release “Basclin Momo no Kaori: Chiikawa Design” on September 20. The price is open. Since the product is limited in quantity, sales will cease as soon as the product is gone.  This product is a bath salt design collaboration with “Chiikawa,” a work drawn by illustrator Mr. Nagano. The design depicts a Chiikawa, a Hachiware, a rabbit, and a momonga, allowing users to enjoy the world of “Chiikawa. The fragrance is sweet and fresh peach scent.

Basclean Momo no Kaori Cheeka Design

Product Overview Price: Open Release date: September 20 (Wed.)

Capacity: 600 g (approx. 20 times/30 g used per time)

Fragrance: peach fragrance Dissolving color: peach-colored hot water (pinkish/clear type)

Product Category: Quasi-drug Selling Name: Basclin BCC-P

Contains certified organic jojoba oil (moisturizing ingredient) – Removes chlorine from tap water with amino acid ingredients – Contains hot spring mineral ingredients (dried sodium sulfate) – Enhances the effect of a warm bath and promotes blood circulation, effective for daily fatigue, cold, stiff shoulders, and back pain Environmentally friendly paper package

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