Unique system of purchasing tools and toolboxes separately. Which screwdriver to repair iPhone?

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When people think of a “tool set,” they usually think of the container, the tool chest, and the contents, the tools, as a single unit. If you buy a tool chest as a stand-alone item, it should be assumed that you own a certain amount of tools. However, Straight has adopted a sales model that is not bound by such stereotypes. Straight’s tool kit is a unique system in which tools and tool chests are purchased separately.

87-piece tool kit sold “without a box

Straight Tool Chest 3-drawer system packed with tools.

According to Young Magazine, the reason why the tools in the tray below are bare is because Straight sells its 87-piece tool kits in this condition, that is, without a box. The set tools are often thought of as a beginner’s product, but this kit also meets the needs of users who already own a tool box or storage device as an additional or replacement tool. Straight Tool Kit 87 Piece 10-8387] Unusual for a tool set, this straight tool kit contains 87 items, including socket wrenches with 1/4/3/8/1/2” insertion angles, in three trays. The ratchet handle changes the size of the head part depending on the insertion angle, so the 1/4 ratchet is useful when used in tight spaces. The kit also includes water pump pliers and a cutter knife, making it useful not only for motorcycles and automobiles, but also for home repairs and Sunday carpentry. Straight member price: 31,980 yen

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Replacing an iPhone battery is not a difficult task even for beginners. It is your own responsibility in case of failure, but as long as you have the tools, you can replace the battery for a few thousand yen.

However, to disassemble an iPhone, you will need a special screwdriver. iPhones all require special screwdrivers, so it is a good idea to have a set.

Star-shaped screwdriver
The first thing you will need when disassembling an iPhone is a star-shaped screwdriver.


There are two screws on the bottom of the unit, and these screws have star-shaped bits.

Choose a screwdriver with a size of 0.8 mm or 0.9 mm.

Precision screwdriver set required for iPhone, Android, computers, and game consoles
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iPhone4-14/Android/Nintendo Switch/MacBook/Desktop/Camera/Glasses Repair/Electric Appliances/Precision Instruments/

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