For a summer-weary body, care for the same elasticity and luster as the face.

The feminine belly, back, and legs that you want to show off.
Cosmetics are good at removing roughness, moisturizing, and enhancing firmness and luster. Prepare your body for easy combustion with inner care, and use self-care during bath time.

Scrub|Skin polishing once a week.

Left: Effe Organic Natural Body Scrub 150g $3,080/mash Beauty Labo Right: Hinoki Body Wash 200ml $4,950/ Tatcha Japan

Left: White clay and olive seed scrub leaves skin smooth. Fresh citrus notes. Effe Organic Natural Body Scrub 150g $3,080/mash Beauty Labo Right: Gel-like cleanser with cellulose scrub for a silky finish. Purifying scent. Hinoki Body Wash 200ml $4,950/ Tatcha Japan

Firming|Tightens the silhouette by increasing moisture and elasticity.

Left: Intensive Body Serum 150g $6,600/ESTO Right: Masse Vert Advanced 200ml $9,900/Clarins

Left: The same anti-aging technology used for the face has been applied to the body. It helps to smooth out loose and flabby lines on the body. Intensive Body Serum 150g $6,600/ESTO Right: Slimming ingredients derived from nature for arms, waist, hips, and above the knees. Mass Vert Advanced 200ml $9,900/Clarins

Massage away stagnation and soft, radiant skin.

Chitose True Body Oil Suau 130ml $9,350/the day spa

A blend of oils such as rice husk and golden jojoba. Rich in essential oils. Chitose True Body Oil Suau 130ml $9,350/the day spa

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Our CBD and organic jojoba oil products are now available.

Organic Clear Jojoba Massage Oil with CBD for esthetic and massage salons
Pure 100% organic jojoba oil without additives + 3% CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.



Jojoba crude oil certified organic (USDA USDA standard) by an organic certification organization is refined in a factory in Japan and contains CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.

Organic jojoba oil is made by refining unrefined jojoba crude oil in Japan, removing the color and fragrance, and adding CBD to the refined jojoba oil, which has almost no fragrance. Jojoba oil is refined in Japan to remove unwanted substances, making it a more stable jojoba oil with lower levels of plant-derived irritants and allergens, and is preferred over unrefined by those with ultra-sensitive skin. Refined jojoba oil refined in Japan is of very high quality and is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Many people say that refined jojoba oil is easier to use for massage than unrefined jojoba oil, making it a popular product at beauty salons.


How to use
Apply an appropriate amount to the entire body or any flaky areas.

Use within 5 minutes after taking a bath for best results.


Other Uses
Please refer to the following examples of use.

Body massage, facial massage, scalp massage

Massage for the elderly

Massage to prevent stretch marks

Massage to improve skin elasticity after weight loss.


Care for skin, hair, etc.
For dry skin, tightness and flakiness

Apply in place of milky lotion, lotion, cream, etc.

Apply to scalp and hair after washing hair.

Apply to damaged nails.


Makeup related
As a cleansing oil

As a base for makeup

As a sunscreen

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