Zara Clothing Rushes to Resolve Problems with New Shoplifting Prevention System


According to Bloomberg, September 13 (Bloomberg): Spain’s Inditex, which operates the Zara clothing brand, is rushing to fix a new shoplifting prevention system for its stores, but the official launch of the system is expected to be delayed slightly from the original schedule. During initial testing, it was discovered that the anti-shoplifting tags could be easily found and removed. Several people familiar with the situation revealed this information.

Inditex CEO Oscar Garcia Macieiras announced the new shoplifting prevention system in March. He announced his intention to test the system in all Zara stores worldwide this summer. The system utilizes RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags with a small chip inside. Currently, many retailers use hard plastic tags that are attached to clothing and must be removed by clerks during checkout.


RFID is an acronym for “radio frequency identification,” and RFID cards (defined below)

encoded digital data is captured by a reader via radio frequency

RFID is similar to a bar code in that the data from the card is captured by a device that stores the data in a database.

RFID is similar to bar codes in that the data from the card is captured by a device that stores the data in a database.

However, RFID has several advantages over systems that use barcode asset tracking software.

compared to systems that use barcode asset tracking software. Most notably, the data on the RFID card can be read out-of-sight, whereas

barcodes must be aligned with an optical scanner and cannot be written with additional information.

Applications of RFID cards are identification, access control, supply chain, inventory tracking, vehicle charges,

security, production management, and asset management.

RFID Card Specifications

Please select from the following frequency 125KHz, UHF band 860~960MHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, and list of chips to be mounted.


UHF bandwidth 860~960MHz


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Coins, stickers, epoxy
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RFID epoxy tags are finely designed to attract customers’ eyes,

appearance is intended to promote the company’s image.

Point of sale systems, mobile payment systems, promotion,

event management, access control systems, and ID management.

Please select a chip from the following frequency 125KHz and high frequency 13.56MHz list.


High frequency 13.56MHz

RFID sticker specifications

RFID coin tag

RFID epoxy tag

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RFID wristbands are designed for personal identification.

Main applications:

Amusement parks, events, concerts, conferences, recreational venues, museums,

exhibitions, saunas, swimming schools, spas, food factories, etc.

Please select an on-board chip from the following list: 125KHz frequency, 13.56MHz high frequency, and 860~960MHz UHF bandwidth.

125KHz / High frequency 13.56MHz / UHF 860-960MHz













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Elastic RFID Wristband Specifications

Cloth RFID Wristband Specification

Disposable PVC RFID Wristband Specification

Disposable Tyvek paper wristband

Disposable PP Synthetic Paper Wristband

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RFID keyfob
What is RFID keyfob?

RFID keyfob is a key holder with a built-in recognition function, similar to an IC card.

<Main applications

As a login key to PCs and networks, electronic lock keys for houses, car door keys, electronic keys for transportation, membership cards, and membership cards.

Car door keys, electronic transportation keys, membership cards, and member cards

Electronic money



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