Facial Recognition with Driver’s License, etc. Facial Recognition without Writing Application Forms: Takahama Town Introduces First Card Reader Terminal in the Prefecture (Fukui Prefecture)

Good morning. Today’s article is about my number card.

According to FBC on September 13, Takahama Town has introduced a card reader terminal with a face recognition function for use with identification documents such as my number card and driver’s license. This is the first time for a local government in the prefecture to introduce this system, and it will save time in filling out forms and confirming identity, leading to the smooth issuance of certification documents. (The terminal can be used to prepare applications for issuance of residence certificates and seal registration certificates, etc. After holding up an identification document to the terminal, the applicant can receive an application form with printed information such as address and name when the facial recognition is completed by bringing his/her face close to the camera. Haruyuki Tabuchi, chief of the DX Promotion Office of the Takahama Town General Affairs Division, said, “Residents can easily complete the procedures. We hope this will lead to improved convenience and a reduction in the workload of the counter staff,” he said, indicating that the town will continue to actively promote DX (digital transformation).

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Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism List of IC card readers that have been confirmed to work with electronic vehicle verification


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