SEE-THROUGH 6″ Type-C Dock with 100W PD Power Supply Support


According to AKIBA PC Hotline on September 13, “SEE-THROUGH 6 (SD-CMULTI01-B),” a USB Type-C dock with a design that allows users to see through the interior, is now available from Aeria.  The retail price is 6,050 yen. This is a USB Type-C dock with a see-through design that uses a transparent top panel. The internal circuit board can be seen through the transparent top panel, and each port is equipped with an access lamp to visually identify connected devices.  Onboard ports include two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, microSD card reader, SD card reader, 1000BASE-T LAN, VGA output, HDMI 1.4 (4K/30Hz) output, and 3.5mm audio output. In addition, it also supports USB PD pass-through power supply of up to 100W via the USB Type-C input port.  According to the retailer, “Although the product packaging and product name refer to 6 functions, it is actually a 7-in-1.  The main unit measures approximately 132 x 59 x 18 mm and weighs approximately 93 g. The cable length is approximately 10 cm.

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